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Poor Pudge has lost an eye!

08 October 2017
Poor Pudge has lost an eye!

Sweet little Pudge came into our care through no fault of her own with a very poorly looking eye. She is only 5 months old and such a sweet girl but clearly wasn't feeling quite right.

After her visit to the vet it was discovered that this little girl had a cataract on her eye and unfortunately it had to be removed. Although this is a sad shame for Pudge  she will undoubtedly feel so much better now without the constant irritation that she had to endure until now.

Pudge will make a full recovery and will quickly adapt to only having one eye and this affectionate little girl can then look for her forever home once she is fully recovered. Somewhere she can have chin rubs and head bumps all day long.

Cats Protection rely solely on donations from supporters and we use those donations to ensure that every cat or kitten in our care gets the very best treatment, love and attention.

Can you help us to cover the costs of Pudge's operation?

Any funds raised above and beyond the target will be used to help other cats and kittens in our care.

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Poor Pudge has lost an eye!